About Us

About The Hippo Kitchen

The Hippo Kitchen, located in Houston, TX sells, produces and delivers nutritionally supportive meals to people preparing for cancer treatment, undergoing cancer treatment and to those who have completed their treatment. We specialize in meals comprised of ingredients that have been proven to combat cancer and the many effects of treatment.

Our meals are designed around the dietary needs of a cancer patient that are essential in supporting the body in fighting disease and enhancing the effectiveness of common therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation.

We bring a totally new perspective to the role prepared foods can plays in cancer recovery. Driven by a passion to partner with Houston’s world-renowned cancer treatment community and contribute to the healing experience, we combine the expertise of a classically trained, health-supportive chef with the experience of healthcare providers and patients to create meals that promote healing during the treatment of cancer.

Give. Care. Share.™

Driven by a commitment to make our meals available to as many cancer patients as possible, The Hippo Kitchen team created Give. Care. Share.™, a function on this site that allows a person with cancer to create an account that their friends and family, no matter where they are, can use to contribute meals to them. This allows people who want to help to do so, and those who need some help can receive it.

Our hope is that Give. Care. Share.™ will enable people to stay connected through food in a truly meaningful way, allowing The Hippo Kitchen to bring healthful, nourishing meals to the tens of thousands of people who come from near and far to receive cancer treatment in Houston every year. Register as a donor to start the giving process.

Why Eat a Cancer-Fighting Diet?

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” It seems that everyday there is a new scientific study linking disease and diet. There is no denying that what we eat plays a significant role in our health and the way we feel day to day.

At The Hippo Kitchen, we utilize reputable scientific studies pertaining to food and health, as well as the guidance of dietitians and nutritionists to design our meals. Whether it’s a study that shows cinnamon aids in digestion, which is often compromised as a result of common cancer therapies, or that cauliflower is high in anti-cancer phytochemicals, we use that information to make our meals purposeful. Fortunately, a great deal of reliable research has already been done and will continue to be done in this field. When credible new research is brought to light, we evaluate the findings and use them to make our food even better.

Symptom Supportive Meals

Eating to prevent or combat cancer cells is often very different than eating to alleviate the uncomfortable side effects of cancer treatment. For example, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and kale are full of disease fighting phytochemicals, but are also high in insoluble fiber, which can be difficult for those experiencing severe diarrhea as a result of radiation or chemotherapy.

By working closely with dietitians and nutritionists in the medical field, we have been able to develop a menu with items that address the most pervasive side effects—constipation, diarrhea, nausea/vomiting, and fatigue—experienced by those going through treatment. So no matter the phase of treatment, there truly are healthful, plentiful options.

Equipment that Makes a Difference

We know that utilizing the best ingredients is not enough. In fact, our passion for local, cancer-fighting, health-supportive meals is rivaled only by our passion for quality cookware.

Some cookware can leach nutrients from your food, while others may impart metals, chemicals or plastics. This is why we prepare our meals in state-of-the-art cookware that has been scientifically proven to retain more nutrients than any other cookware available.

Saladmaster is the only cookware to our knowledge that is scientifically proven to retain an average 93% of a foods nutrient value when cooked. Also, the Saladmaster cooking surface is made from high grade 316ti surgical stainless steel, which means there is no chemical reaction and no leaching of heavy metals or chemicals into our meals.

The Hippo Kitchen Founding Principals

  1. Quality - The nutritional and/or dietary quality of our product goes hand in hand with our client’s health. Therefore, the integrity of our product must always be of the utmost importance.
  2. Flexibility – Individuals undergoing rigorous cancer treatments will often have sudden changes in appetite and food preferences. As a company that is out to support the health of these individuals, we will always do our best to seamlessly accommodate these changes, so as not to contribute an additional stress to the client.
  3. Research – The Hippo Kitchen is committed to staying current on cancer research and will utilize new information to make our product better and more beneficial to the client. The Hippo Kitchen is also committed to advocating for and supporting cancer research that explores the link between diet and cancer, both in diagnosis and treatment.